Toyota will not launch cheap JV-subbrand in China

Published on March 16, 2011 by Tycho de Feijter

Guangzhou-toyota Camry China

Toyota will not establish any joint venture sub-brand in China in the coming few years, according to the China Business News on Thursday, citing the Japanese automaker’s managing director Satoru Mouri.

“Toyota isn’t the best brand and we don’t have much market share yet,” said Satoru Mouri. Compared with an expected growth rate of 15 percent in 2011 of the auto industry in China, Toyota has only set a target of 7 percent, to 900,000 units this year.

Toyota’s joint venture models have 5 percent of market share in China. It will take some time for consumers to know more about the brand, and the car maker needs to improve itself to be more credible, said Satoru.

“When everybody considers Toyota a great brand,” then it will be the right time for the company to develop its joint venture’s own sub-brand in China, said Satoru Mouri.

The main developing strategy is to make customers identify the brand with high quality and high technology.

Via: GlobalTimes.

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  1. Shy- September 1, 2011 Reply

    Correct, Toyota is not a very good and exciting brand to own. Toyota will only sell by

    1)Aggresive marketing ( Chinese will not get carry away by stupid low price advertisement as they know what they want to buy or own)

    2) Toyota cars had been King of Mass defect recall
    ( The chinese will not endanger kives for lack of safety)

    3) The strength of the Body panel/frame on built Toyota cars is either soft ( filmsy ) and not as strong compares to USA , korean and continental makes.

    4) Toyota cannot exploit the chinese with sub standard cars .

    5) the Chinese do not care a shit about resale value about Toyota cars.

    6) Chinese prefer Toyota to pack their bags home so that they can enjoy to drive other makes . In other words Toyota is like an obstacles in China when the Chinese can own other makes .

    No rich Chinese will want to own any Toyota unless the lower middle class. Just no pride owning a Toyota.

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