Geely GLEagle GX5 to debut in 2013 in China

Published on March 18, 2011 by Tycho de Feijter

Geely GLEagle GX5

The GLEagle (aka Global Hawk) GX5 SUV debuted as a concept car on the 2010 Beijing Auto Show. Geely has decided to built it and it will roll off the line some time in 2013. A great looking vehicle it is. The GX5 gets a new 1.3 litre turbocharged engine with 128hp and 186nm.

The GX5 is aimed at youngsters who want to show their being cool. Geely so calls it a ‘YUV’. meaning ‘young’s suv’. Size: 3815x1762x1670, wheelbase is 2370 and ground clearance 18cm.It will be available with front and four-wheel drive.


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  1. dragin- March 21, 2011 Reply

    Great looking SUV! But just 7 inches of road clearance? Can that be? Its looks are deceiving. I even thought it might be full framed.
    The off-roading crowd will be disappointed….

  2. Marc Sim- December 24, 2011 Reply

    @dragin, I don’t think it is aimed at the off-roading folks.
    The 4wd drivetrain is probably only suits slippery highways or icy driveways. It is best compared to the likes of Honda CRV and Nissan X-Trail, SUV wannabes best suited for soccer moms or grocery runs 😉

  3. Gleagle enthusiast- June 20, 2017 Reply

    What the hell happened to all the concepts from geely? Up until 2012 geely was constantly churning out interesting concepts such as this, the roadsters, the GT Tiger and the McCar. But they all fizzled out eventually and we never heard of them again. Heck, even the budget MPV concepts were pretty cool.

    I’m thinking geely revives some of these concepts another day, right now none of their cars have soul and there’s no brand appeal to geely.

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