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Shanghai Auto Show: BYD S6

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The BYD S6 is a roomy SUV that has more than a few similarities with the last gen Lexus RX. BYD likes Toyota a lot, earlier BYD got inspiration from the Carolla, the Camry, the Previa and the Aigo. Copying a design though does not mean a car can come to the market quickly. BYD officially announced the S6 more than a year ago, it will now finally be listed in May.

Engines: BYD’s own 2.0 with 103kw and 186nm, and a Mitsubishi sourced 2.4 with 118kw and 215nm. Price of the new BYD S6 starts at 100.000 yuan and ends at 150.000 yuan. That indeed, is much cheaper than a Lexus.

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