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Hongqi CA 7600L Parade Car on display in FAW factory

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This mighty Hongqi CA7600L Parade Car is a piece of Chinese history. It is exactly this car, with numberplate 京V•02009, that was used by President Hu Jintao during the 1 October 2009 military parade in Beijing. Since 2009 this car has been all around China where it stood at several exhibitions and was also used for dealer events. Now it seems finally back home, on display right in the middle of the FAW factory in Changchun. FAW, First Auto Works, is the owner of the Hongqi brand.

Hongqi CA 7600L Parade Car

President Hu Jintao inspecting the troops in 2009 with the 02009, technically before the actual parade begun. He drove up and down the street where the troops were waiting while shouting things like “Are you ready to defend the motherland?” trough the microphones. The soldiers would answer “Yes!!!” and so on and on.

Hongqi CA 7600L Parade Car

The parade cars are exclusively made for the Chinese government, no private buyer can get it. But in April 2010 Hongqi brought a civilian CA 7600L to the Beijing Auto Show. Basically the same car but without the special parade-roof and microphones. Hongqi said they were going to make it but the status of the project is unclear at the moment.

Hongqi CA 7600L Parade Car

The Hongqi CA7600L is powered by a 5.985 litre V12 with 300kw, torque is [email protected] It is a big car, size: 6395mmX2008mmX1720, wheelbase is 3800mm.

Hongqi CA 7600L Parade Car

A few months after the 2009 parade several Chinese toymakers came up with scale models. This is a very nice 1:43, see my full review here.

Hongqi CA 7600L Parade Car

Hongqi CA 7600L Parade Car

Pics FAW factory via: Hongqiche.

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