Introducing the Greatwall Haval Limousine from China

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The Greatwall Hover Limousine debuted in 2006 at the Guangzhou Auto Show and is still in production today as the Greatwall Haval Limousine. First about the name:

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Hover/Haval is Greatwall’s brandname for SUV’s. In Chinese it is called Hafu (哈弗). The English name was ‘Hover’ but Greatwall changed it to Haval in 2009. By that time they started to export the SUV’s to Europe where the Hover-name was already taken. Confusingly, Greatwall still uses ‘Hover’ as the English name in China.

Back now to the limo!

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Greatwall Haval Limousine from China

The Greatwall Haval Limousine is mostly sold to rental companies which use it for weddings and all sorts of other parties. Length is 6.87 meters, just over two meters longer than the standard Haval. Power comes from the ‘China-classic’ Mitsubishi 4G64S 2.4 four-cylinder which poops out 100kw and 205nm, mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. Price for all this pretty starts at some 300.000 yuan.

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Greatwall Haval Limousine from China

You can have in interior in any color you like, as long as it is tasteful.Depending in configuration it can seat between 5 and 9 people. You can have all sorta disco/tv/dvd/karaoke systems complete with lighting that can change color, on da beat.

Greatwall Haval Limousine from China

Waiting for the mayor to arrive.

Greatwall Haval Limousine from China

A very fine red-purple car, with fake pink roses. Approved!

Greatwall Haval Limousine from China

This is the very most special Greatwall Haval Limousine in the world, It was the very first car made and it was donated to Presidente Fidel Castro of Cuba in March 2006, note Cuban flag on flagpole. Greatwall is doing big business on the island, selling mostly Wingle pickup trucks, and sending a limo to Castro will certainly help business going.

Via: sina, autohome, wzljl.

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  1. The chassis of Hover H3 seems to be copied from the Toyota 4Runner of the late 90s (third generation, if I am not mistaken). The body is definitely inspired by Axiom.
    When I worked at GW dealer here in Ukraine, I’ve sold one Hover Pi Limo. That is definitely a cool limousine! Though the interior is not as luxury as in american ones, but the high roof really makes sense. Besides, Hovers are very reliable (and cheap – the limousine I’ve sold costed only $30.000 back in 2009).

    They really sell GWs in Europe. People say, that in Southern Italy there are plenty of Hovers, Safes and Wingles.

  2. If it’s based on a 4runner, maybe a 3.4 V6 swap can get this to have a little more power at lower RPM’s. However, IDK if it can fit into the engine bay of the Axiom body. However because 4runner frame, you can put the stretch 4runner body on it and then give it a V6. This with a 4cyl will only have power over 4k rpm.

  3. I don’t why some are commenting this looks like the Axiom as it looks quite unique and doesn’t look anything like it. But it’s the best looking truck limo I have seen.

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