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Volvo Concept Universe = Volvo S100 (?)

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The Volvo Concept Universe debuted at the Shanghai Auto Show in April. It was seen by the time as a sorta sweetener for Mr. Li Shifu, owner of Geely and thereby from Volvo. Li wanted a big Volvo badly to compete with the S-class, 7 and A8.

Volvo Concept Universe = Volvo S100

Volvo-boss Stefan Jacoby didn’t want a bigger car because he believed Volvo had to make their current line-up better first. According to new reports in Chinese media Mr. Li has won the argument, no big surprise since he is the Boss… Chinese media says the Concept Universe will make it to the market and that it will be called the Volvo S100.

Volvo Concept Universe = Volvo S100

When it will arrive, where it will be made and what engine will be used is for this moment very unclear. It is however very likely that we will see more of this S100 at the Beijing Auto Show in April. Surely Mr. Li wants to impress at the most important show in his own country, and what better way to do that than with a new Volvo? It won’t be the real thing yet but probably a further developed Concept Universe with S100-badges on the back.

Via: Sina.com.

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