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Shanghai Auto Show: Volvo Concept Universe Unveiled

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A very fine looking concept from Volvo. The Concept Universe previews Volvo’s new flagship sedan that will compete with the S-class, A8 and 7-series. New owner Geely has been pressing for a larger Volvo and it seems Geely got what it wanted, at least in concept form.

Volvo got enough engines for a bigger car, the twin turbo V6 will do and so will the Yamaha developed V8. Note the Volvo 122 ‘Amazone’ on the right, its bonnet-shape is similar to the Concept Universe’s, a nice touch indeed. More as we get it.

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  1. Nice 3/4 rear view, good from the side but the front needs a bit of getting used to. Rear doors open the wrong way around?

  2. I dislike the backdours why:

    Volvo is well known about safety above all.
    When u open the backdours like that, and a car smashes at the dour = goodbye legs.

    But then the positive sides!

    I rly like the front, it has something special and I rly love the lightning coming out whole the front
    Then it has a rly classy but sportive shape!

    I love it if u change the back dours!

    Kind regards, Laurens De Wit.


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