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Spotted in China: Volkswagen Jetta Police Edition

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Seen here in Beijing, on Saturday. A very fine customized Volkswagen Jetta, one that is still in production today in China, made by the FAW-Volkswagen joint venture. It has police badges all over and inside I saw four fat men smoking, just like in a real police car.

Volkswagen Jetta Police Edition

Furthermore we see: an aero kit, shiny black paint, racy wheels, blacked-out alloys, blacked-out windows and a big wing at the back.

Volkswagen Jetta Police Edition

Let’s make a call…

Volkswagen Jetta Police Edition

Exhaust is bigger too, police will get there fast. This particular Volkswagen Jetta is actually a very new one from the current generation. A standard car costs between 75.800 and 98.800 yuan. Power comes from a 1.6 with 95hp and 140nm, good for a 175km/h top speed. The Jetta is still widely popular in China. Cheap to buy, cheap to maintain and extremely reliable. All things end however, an all-new Polo-based Jetta will debut next year.

Volkswagen Jetta Police Edition

Officers hello.

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