Volkswagen Touareg in matte-black from China

Published on February 29, 2012 by Tycho de Feijter

Here we have a very fine car from China. This is a Volkswagen Touareg SUV wrapped in stealthy matte-black on 22-inch wheels from JE. Good job, a Touareg has never looked so sporty. It has some power upgrades too, this is a 4.2 V8 model tuned up from standard 306 to a fat 350hp. The grill was not forgotten and sexed up with some very subtle orange paint.

Blacked out lights are good but the orange theme doesn’t come back at the back. This indeed, is messy. The Touareg is imported in China and costs between 1.01 million yuan and 1.2 million yuan. Engines: 3.0 V6, 4.2 V8 and a Hybrid.

Good car, approved.

Via: a friend (thank you!).


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  1. TurboJaySmith- March 1, 2012 Reply

    just change that orange paint to red or leave thre grill as it was

  2. RR ltd Co.- March 1, 2012 Reply

    At last an example of good tuning on your site, Tycho, it really looks cool

  3. andre martin- April 29, 2014 Reply

    I agree with turbojaysmith – sort of – paint the grill either dark gray or matte black or leave as it was.

    1. TurboJaySmith- April 29, 2014 Reply

      It will be better if it was chrome so that it would match the chrome on the side

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