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When and Where is the 2012 Beijing Auto Show

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The show, most commonly known as ‘Beijing Auto Show’, has two different names that are used simultaneously and seemingly at random: Auto China 2012 and 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, abbreviated to Beijing Auto Show.


Press Days: 23 April – 24 April.
Trade Days: 25 April – 26 April.
Public Days: 27 April – 02 May.

Location: ‘China International Exhibition Center (New Venue)’, in Shunyi District, Beijing. [map]

How to go: don’t use car or bus, the traffic jam will make you completely mad. Use the subway, line 15, straight from Beijing city center. Stop name: China International Exhibition Center.

At almost the same time, from April 23 until April 27, there is also a large auto components and parts exhibition in Beijing. It is part of Auto China 2012/Beijing Auto Show 2012 but at a very different location, namely at the old China International Exhibition Center at the 3th Ring Road. [map]

All the news on the show: Beijing Auto Show 2012.

Official website: www.china-autoshow.com.

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  1. I’ll be there… I live down the steet and appreciate it if you don’t make a huge traffic jam in my area, so take the subway!


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