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Updated Bertone Nuccio arrives at the Beijing Auto Show

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This is the updated version of the Bertone Nuccio concept car. It will debut tomorrow at the Beijing Auto Show but our spies already got some pics of the Nuccio arriving at the exhibition hall. The Nuccio debuted at the Geneva Auto Show in March but that was a non-working full-scale model. Bertone however promised an updated Nuccio for the Beijing show that will be able to move under its own power. Bertone also said the Nuccio was already sold to a no-doubt wealthy buyer.

Bertone Nuccio

Power comes from a Ferrari 4.3 liter V8 with 480hp. Rumors say the whole Nuccio is actually based on an old Ferrari F430. This however has not been confirmed by Bertone. They likely rather not say anything because Ferrari is known to get very pissed off if any other car maker uses its platforms, now matter how old.

Bertone Nuccio

Whether it really rides will be sure tomorrow, if the engine is started…

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