Beijing Auto B80VJ will cost 200.000 yuan

Published on June 27, 2012 by Tycho de Feijter

Beijing Auto B80VJ

New news on the Beijing Auto B80VJ. Chinese media report the Benz G-class inspired vehicle is primarily designed for the Chinese army, the civilian version, dubbed B80V, will cost around 200.000 yuan. The B80VJ is based on the Beijing Auto Qichi S12 which is basically a rebadged Jeep Cherokee that was made in China by the Beijing-Jeep joint venture from 1984 until 2008.

Beijing Auto B80VJ

Beijing BJ212.

The B80VJ for the army is the successor of the ancient Beijing BJ212 that started service in 1964 and is still on duty today. The vehicle that was originally intended to succeed the BJ212, the Beijing-Jeep 2022, turned out to be a much bigger and heavier car than first intended, leaving a gap in the Chinese army’s line-up. The B80VJ will have to fix that. Power will come from a 2.0 with 122hp or a 2.2 with 141hp, mated to a five-speed manual. Both engines are based on old units from Nissan. The B80V/VJ is expected to arrive sometime next year.

Beijing Auto B80VJ

The civilian B80V.

Via: Sohu.com.


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  1. TurboJaySmith- June 27, 2012 Reply

    based on The Mercedes Benz G-Class buT wiTh an uglier fronT grille

    1. Tycho de Feyter- June 27, 2012 Reply

      loox like the G, but isn’t based on the G. Based on old Beijing-Jeep Cherokee.

  2. TurboJaySmith- June 28, 2012 Reply

    didn’T know ThaT

  3. dragin- July 5, 2012 Reply

    With those low mounted door handles, and pan flat side panels, it does indeed look a lot more like the G than the Cherokee…

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