Hawtai Baolige ‘Luxury Series’ will be launched in August

Hawtai Baolige Luxury Series

The Hawtai Baolige Luxury Series is an extra luxurious version of the Hawtai Baolige SUV. It comes with very leather seats, a lotta fake wood, a new grill, bigger tires and expensive-looking alloys. The Baolige Luxury Series debuted at the Beijing Auto Show in April together with the B11 Luxury Series, based on the base B11 sedan.

Hawtai Baolige Luxury Series

At the show Hawtai-booth-people said both luxury version would hit the Chinese car market in 2013, but apparently things were speed up because production on the Baolige Luxury Series will start on July 19 and it will be launched on the market in August. Price yet unknown but it will certainly be some 15% more expensive than the standard Baolige which starts at 123.700 yuan and ends at 229.700 yuan. Engines is the same 1.8 turbo as in the base Baolige.

Via: Autohome.

4 thoughts on “Hawtai Baolige ‘Luxury Series’ will be launched in August”

  1. This thing has the hardest, cheapest-feeling dashboard plastics I have ever felt in a car. Honestly it shouldn’t be used for a yoghurt cup, let alone a ‘luxury’ trim model.

  2. Regular one rubbish, luxury one really awesome. Shame it’s based on a 1st gen Porsche Cayenne with a ridiculous front grille.

  3. Very expensive with too few advantages. You can buy a Great Wall vehicle with the same specifications at 2/3 of their price.

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