Spy Shot: new logo for the Great Wall Haval brand

new logo for the Great Wall Haval brand

Great Wall has designed a funky new logo for its Haval-branded vehicles. The logo will debut at the Shanghai Auto Show in April and will be used mostly for export. Haval is the brand-name for all the Great Wall SUV’s and some smaller crossover thingies. The Haval name was launched in 2010 after Great Wall found out the old ‘Hover’ name was already taken in many western countries. The ‘new’ logo debuted earlier on the Beijing Auto Show in April but has never been used on the cars itself, that now will change in April next year.

new logo for the Great Wall Haval brand

The Great Wall Haval H7 on the Beijing Auto Show in April, note logo beamed on the wall. Great Wall has a hand in confusing names. The Great Wall passenger cars, meaning sedans and hatchbacks, go by the ‘Tengyi’ brandname in China, in English the brand is called ‘Voleex’. The Chinese name for Haval is ‘Hafu’, from which ‘Hover’ was derived. It seems a bit mad, why not just use the Great Wall name for all vehicles and forget about those mad sub-sub-names? Many other Chinese auto makekers do the same thing, has to do with states, to more brands an auto maker has the bigger it can say it is…

Via: Sohu.com.

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