Great Wall Motors

Great Wall Motor’s Haval Raptor off-road SUV will launch on October 10 in China, price starts at 21,900 USD

The current pre-sale price starts at 21,900. The pre-order exceeded 10,000 units within the first 10 days of opening.

Wey Gaoshan aims at families looking for second vehicle or replacement, GWM Wey CPO

The Chinese MPV market is saturated, the competition fierce and the products started to look alike. However, we realized mid-/high-end market above 27,500 USD shows the signs of sustained growth. The slowdown is in low-end market, said GWM Wey CPO.

Great Wall Motors’ models had the least complaints in Q2 2023

The leading Chinese organization tracking auto owner's complaints, said it got 12,414 complaints in Q2 2023, 137% more YoY.

Great Wall Motors’ largest SUV Haval H5 arrived at dealership, will launch in August

After the H5's rear seats are folded down, the space can be transformed into a 2-meter bed!

Great Wall Motors rebrands Haval H5 as Haval’s largest SUV

Haval H5 was a compact SUV under the Haval brand, based on Great Wall Motors' pickup platform. However, its sales performance was unsatisfactory and the series was discontinued in 2018.

Brand new Haval off-road SUV called Xianglong official pic unveiled in China

Xianglong is a new model under Haval's Dragon series.

Chinese brands registrations in Germany: MG 1780, Great Wall 155, Nio 44

BYD also registred 54 EVs, slightly up from April.

Great Wall Auto Reports BYD’s Potential Emission Violations

At present, whether BYD violates the regulations still needs to be identified by the regulatory authorities. If the charges are established, BYD could face a massive recall and fines.

Great Wall Motors to equip all models with hybrid 4WD Hi4 technology by 2024

Hi4 is Great Wall Motor's new electrified hybrid platform with better improved range and fuel efficiency.

China became the world’s largest vehicle exporter in Q1 2023, surpassing Japan

By continents, Chinese vehicles are mainly exported to: - Africa: Egypt and South Africa - Asia: Saudi Arabia, India, Thailand, and Vietnam - Europe: Russia and the UK - North America: USA, Mexico, and the Caribbean - South America: Brazil, Chile, Peru, and Ecuador