Lamborghini Gallardo grabs a cab in China

Lamborghini Gallardo grabs a cab in China

Interesting crash in the great city of Guiyang in Guizhou Province. A two-tone Lamborghini Gallardo hits a two-tone Volkswagen Jetta taxi straight in the ass. Nobody got hurt, as far as we know, but that Lambo’s nose won’t look too well… The crash happened on Shaanxi Road which is a popular street for shopping in da city, so in no time a zillion bystanders looked on, much more fun indeed than buying shoes! Via: Weibo.

One thought on “Lamborghini Gallardo grabs a cab in China”

  1. Posers with more RMB than driving ability ! S’pose car companies don’t ask for driving licence or ability test before selling, just plenty of RMB and if he wrecks it then there’s another one in the showroom

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