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Spotted in China: Porsche 928 in Silver

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Spotted in China: Porsche 928 in Silver

A sleeky silver Porsche 928, seen in the great city of Jilin in Jilin Province. A  very rare sight because the Porsche 928 was never exported to China. The 928 was made from 1977 until 1995, it was the first V8 powered Porsche production car. This silver example in Jilin is a late 1980’s car, the typical old-fashioned wheel covers are original.

Spotted in China: Porsche 928 in Silver

The engine by that time was a 4.5 liter variant of the V8, good for a very neat 240hp. Condition of the car seems not too good and will sadly be hard to improve since parts for the 928 are near-impossible to get in China. Well, hopefully it will run for some long years more. Nobody in China was rich enough to buy a Porsche when the 928 was in production. China is now the biggest market for Porsche worldwide. How things have changed!

Spotted in China: Porsche 928 in Silver

Spotted in China: Porsche 928 in Silver

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  1. Pity this is a left-hand drive so was probably a strangled version from the US.

    A late model 928S – or S2 in the UK – had a 4.7 litre V8 with improved fuel injection delivering 310 bhp, so we had distinct advantage over the US.

    Those are not “typical old-fashioned wheel covers” on the car, but original factory fit alloys, which replaced the ‘telephone dial’ alloys of the earlier models.

    I’m intrigued to see the door mirrors folded almost flush. Mine cannot be position like this, and the one on the passenger door (on driver’s left on a RHD car) cannot be folded at all, as the inner edge touches the door skin

    A really nice find by you 🙂

  2. isn’t that car for sale? pictures kinda seem familiar.

    anyway, what a dream machine! I like the pre ’87 look much more than the later, sleeker look. although, it would be super tough to say “no” to an S4 clubsport…

    concerning the door mirrors, as far as I know that’s normal, assuming they are identical to the 924/944 ones. mine can be folded just like on that 928. though I’m not quite sure at the moment if only on one side or on both sides.

  3. I’ve always thought the passenger door mirror thing was a bit odd, and I only discovered it when trying to get past it one day when parked against a wall – the mirror frame is a little lower than the space provided by the instep at the bottom of the window frame, so it cannot fold into it, as it can be seen doing in the pics above.

    Not many 928s made, and I guess the mounting hole was located and cut by hand – so whoever did mine might have slipped, and made the hole a few mm to low.

    Can’t check on another one – haven’t even seen another 928 on the roads of Scotland for a few years now (we cannot afford the petrol! ) 🙁


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