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The massive Unimog U5000 SUV on the Move in China

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The Massive Unimog U5000 SUV on the Move in China

This is the massive Unimog U5000 SUV, seen transported on a flatbed in the great city of Shanghai. The Unimog U5000 is a one-off extreme and extreme luxurious SUV produced for a very wealthy Chinese businessman in 2010.  Back in June last year our friend CvM spotted the U5000 at a Mercedes dealer in Shanghai where it stood for sale for 1.55 million yuan or 250.000 USD.

The Massive Unimog U5000 SUV on the Move in China

Seeing it transported likely means the U5000 SUV finally found a new owner. The U5000 SUV is based on the rather workman-like U5000 chassis. It is powered by 4.8 liter 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine, good for [email protected] and [email protected] Top speed of the U5000 is usually limited to 80km/h, the chassis can’t handle more, and the world would end.

Problem is that getting a license for a diesel-powered car is very difficult in big cities in China, especially when it is an unknown one-off weird-thing. This is likely the reason the first buyer got rid of it. Hopefully the new owner lives somewhere in the countryside where nobody cares.

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