Beijing VI emission standard will be tough on Chinese automakers

Beijing VI emission standard will be tough on Chinese automakers

The sixth stage of Beijing’s vehicle emission standard (Beijing VI Standard) is still under research and is set to be implemented in 2016, said Li Kunsheng, an authority from the emission control department of Beijing Municiple Environmental Protection Bureau, 21st Century Business Herald reported Wednesday.

“Those Chinese car makers whose products haven’t managed to observe the Beijing V Standard had better step up technology upgrading from now to adapt to the VI Standard if they want to secure the market share,” Li said.

Beijing will be the first to execute the fifth stage of the vehicle emission standard (Beijing V Standard). From March 1, light gasoline-powered vehicles not conforming to the standard will be forbidden to be sold or registered. Vehicles adhering to the National IV Standard but failing to meet the Beijing V Standard will be withdrawn from Beijing from March 1.

“The implementation of the Beijing V Standard will hit Chinese brands, as they fall short of technological advances and are more vulnerable to rising costs,” Li said.

“1,400 out of 2,000 cars models for sale in Beijing meet the Beijing V Standard,” he said.

Via: ChinaDaily.

2 thoughts on “Beijing VI emission standard will be tough on Chinese automakers”

  1. i think problem is not new cars, problems are used cars, which are mainly euro 1 our euro 2, good solution will be that government offer upgrade of such cars with new engines which are more ev friendly, especially for small trucks and minivans, which are mainly identical and easy to replace

    i remember in 2008 and olympic games when they replace almost hundreds engines on chinese buses to be more ev friendly

  2. China should set the strictest standards in the world. This will both help to solve a severe problem, and also force Chinese companies to develop world class technologies which can be sold worldwide.

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