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Rolls-Royce Ghost Alpine Trial Centenary Collection debuts on the Shanghai Auto Show

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Is Rolls-Royce joining in on the new baby-blue trend in China? No, not really. This is the Rolls-Royce Ghost Alpine Trial Centenary Collection, a special edition launched to celebrate Rolls-Royce winning the 1913 Austrian Alpine Trials. The winning ‘Silver Ghost’, seen on the right, was painted in baby blue & silver, and came with black alloys and a black grille.


The 2013 Rolls-Royce Ghost Alpine Trial Centenary Collection thus, has all that too. Yes, completely forgotten 100 year old races in Austria beg for a special edition, don’t they? Rolls-Royce didn’t say how many of these smurfin’ blue Ghosts they will make, or how many will come to China.


It is well-known that wealthy Chinese car buyers love special edition, and that they basically snap up everything with a weird foreign name on it. But this? For the color maybe, but not for the story.


The black alloys Rolls-Royce is bragging about. They say this is the first time black alloys are standard on a Roller.


Leather in blue too, but in a different kind of blue. Some extra stripes and extra stitching here and there.


The captain of the race-Roller will sit here, in all comfort, on a bench.

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