Jonway Falcon SUV hits the Chinese car market


This is the new Jonway Falcon SUV, based in body and platform on the 5-door variant of the Jonway A380. The Falcon however is slightly more hip and thus more expensive than the boorish A380.  Jonway calls the Falcon an “urban SUV”, and such a nice name costs money.


Price starts at 89.800 yuan and ends at 101.800 yuan. Price for the 5-door A380 ranges from 79.800 yuan to 91.800 yuan. Same platform, and exactly the same engines: a 1.6 with 101 hp and 134nm, a 1.8 with 130hp and 165nm, and a 2.0 with 125hp and 175nm. The 1.6 and the 2.0 are only available with a 5-speed manual, and the 1.8 only with a 4-speed automatic.


The Falcon, for hip folks down country.

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Looks like the 2012 five door with a few less grille bars, and a few more wheel spokes.


el motor que tiene este carro es mitsubishi