JAC Heyue A20 will get a 1.5 Turbo in China

JAC Heyue A20 will get a 1.5 Turbo in China

Chinese media report that the new JAC Heyue A20 will get a new 1.5 turbo. Earlier on we heard the A20 would be available with a 1.3 and a naturally aspirated 1.5, the latter seems now off the table. The Heyue A20 debuted on the Shanghai Auto Show in April and it is scheduled to be launched on the Chinese car market in March next year, price will start around 50.000 yuan.


The choice for the 1.5 turbo seems a little strange since the larger JAC Heyue A30 will only get the naturally aspirated 1.5, which has an output of 113hp and 146nm and is mated to a 5-speed manual. The 1.3 has an output of 99hp and 126nm, mated to the same 5-speeder. Output of the 1.5 turbo is yet unknown, but the gearbox will likely be 6-speed manual.

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