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Spy Shots: new Kia Sedona MPV testing in China

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Spy shots of the new Kia Sedona MPV testing in China. The new third generation Kia Sedona will have its worldwide debut in 2014. Debut in China is expected for the second half of 2014. The current second generation Kia Sedona debuted in 2006, it is known as Kia Carnival in European markets and as Kia VQ in China.


The current Kia VQ is imported into China from South Korea. Price starts at 297.000 yuan and ends at 325.000 yuan. Lone engine is a 2.2 turbodiesel with 197hp. The new Kia VQ will be imported in China too, but Kia is seriously considering local production at the Dongfeng-Yueda-Kia joint venture.

This would make the VQ a much more serious competitor for successful China-made MPV’s such as the Buick GL8 and Honda Odyssey that are about 25% cheaper than the Kia VQ. The new VQ will also be available with petrol engines, which will appeal to private buyers.



Design of the new Kia Sedona/Carnival/VQ will be based on the 2011 Kia KV7 concept.

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