Spy Shots: Volkswagen Up! seen testing in China

Spy Shots: Volkswagen Up! seen testing in China

Spy shots showing a white Volkswagen Up! testing on Chinese roads. The Up! will be launched on the China car market sometime in 2014. The Up! will initially be imported into China but Volkswagen is seriously considering local production. They should. Thanks to China’s sky high import taxes the imported Up! will become as expensive as a Polo.


That means the market for the Up! will be limited too young ‘n hip people who desperately want to try something different. Like drinking imported orange juice, or listening to jazz. That market however ain’t very big, and especially not since the Up! is a dressed down cheap car, unlike a Fiat 500 for example, which is more dressed up. Local production thus would make a lotta sense for bringing the Up! to a much wider market.

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