China Passenger Car Sales up 23.62% in October

China Passenger Car Sales up 23.62% in October

Another good month for car sales in China, the largest auto market in the world. Sales of passenger cars in October were up 23.62% compared to October 2012, good for a 1.605.700 new cars on the road in China. Production of passenger cars in October was up 24.34% to 1.591.800 million cars.

Total vehicle sales, including commercial vehicles, were up 20.34 percent in to a total of 1.93 million units. Total vehicle production was 1.916 million, up 20.74%. Sales of commercial vehicles topped 326.900 units, up 6.48% compared with last year.

Over the first 10 months of 2013, total vehicle sales were up 13.47% to 17.81 million units, divided by: passenger car sales up 15% to 14.51 million units, and commercial vehicle sales up 7.83% to 3.36 million units.

Most analysts, including us and ourselves, expect the current grown will continue in a similar or slightly faster pace over November and December.

Numbers via: CAAM, CAAM, & Autohome.

One thought on “China Passenger Car Sales up 23.62% in October”

  1. Not only is China now by far the largest car market (and will get a lot bigger still – 40 million units p/a is quite possible) but it has by far the widest selection of products on sale.

    Essentially all the European, American, Japanese and Korean brands are on sale, plus the dizzying range of Chinese brands, many of which don’t yet export. Companies also often have a wider range, so that Ford sells both products sold in Europe and the US.

    You can’t buy a Skoda, SEAT, Renault, Citroen or Peugout in America, a Buick, Acura or GMC in Europe, but all are on sale in China and even Lincoln will be in 2014.

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