Brilliance-BMW Zinoro 1E EV debuts early at the Guangzhou Auto Show

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The very first live shots of the Brilliance-BMW Zinoro 1E, a full-electric vehicle based on the BMW X1. The Zinore E1 debuted yesterday evening in Guangzhou, two days before the start of the 2013 Guangzhou Auto Show. Zinoro, Zhinuo in Chinese, is a sub brand of the Brilliance-BMW joint venture focused on building electric cars. The 1E is their first baby, it will be launched on the China car market in March 2014 under a lease-scheme.

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Zinoro logo on the steering wheel. Otherwise very BMW.

The Zinoro 1E is powered by a BMW-developed ‘IB1P25B’ electric motor with an output of 170hp and 250nm. Juice comes from a iron phosphate lithium-ion battery made by a Chinese company called Ningde Times New Energy Technology. Top speed is 130km/h. Range is 150km. Curb weight is a hefty 1970kg.

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It looks huge, it looks fat, and it is fat. Not exactly a normal electric car, but that is exactly what might make this Zinoro 1E more successful than other more dedicated electric cars. Still, one wonders why BMW just doesn’t sell it as a BMW to begin with.


The slogan on the backdrop reads: ‘Making the city my home’. The messages: ‘don’t take this thing on the highway, you will run out of power very soon’.

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  1. “Still, one wonders why BMW just doesn’t sell it as a BMW to begin with.” – because they have no real intention of selling it! It’s another of the JV China only brands pandering to government requirements to pass technology to the Chinese JV partners. I very much doubt this car and the i3 have much in common.

  2. Another ridiculous EV. BMW don’t put his brand on it because the BMW engineer knows that this car is a joke. Everything is outdated at least 10 years. The battery technology in first, still use the LFP cells that only deliver 100 wh/kg when the today battery has energy density over 200 wh/kg. This make the Zinoro battery pack heavy , large an inefficient.
    The second horrible point is the curb weight of the car: almost 2000 Kg, dramatically too much when you have a litthe energy on board. Even the dimension and CX of the car are not suitable for a vehicle that should be use in the city. Therefor they need to use a huge motor that waste a lot of energy to move .
    The result is just a conversion of a normal ICE vehicles with no any technology for advanced Ev .
    I am familiar with the people that are supervising the development of the EV in China and i can make sure that they understand well what is a good and what is ridicolous.
    China need companies with a fresh approach to the EV technology:
    Lightweight structure chassis and body, efficient electric motors and electronic, powerfull batteries…
    This will be the mainstream to get EV that can really impact the market and also support from the government.


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