Pretty Chinese Girl is very Tiger with a Mercedes-Benz E200 Coupe

Pretty Chinese Girl is very Tiger with a Mercedes-Benz E200 Coupe

Today in China Car Girls a very pretty Chinese girl getting all Tiger on and in a Mercedes-Benz E200 Coupe. The girl wears a black hat with spikes, a black vest, a tiger skirt, black stockings, black shoes, an not much else more. The Mercedes-Benz C200 Coupe is painted in silver. Slightly more NSFW than normally, because this babe really likes the Benz…


The Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe is imported into China. The new E-Coupe hasn’t been launched on the Chinese car market yet but some dealers still got a few oldies, priced from 450.000 yuan or 74.000 USD. Sadly, the E-Class Coupe is not very popular in China as most Chinese car buyers don’t see the point of paying  more for a smaller car. In all those years we are covering the Chinese auto industry we met only one modified example.


The girl and the car live in the great city of Fuzhou in Fujian Province. The girl is 23 years old and married. Her husband gave her the Benz for her 22nd birthday. She loves the car, saying it rides more comfortable than an Audi or a BMW. She likes the power, but admits her husband can drive it faster than she can. The girl works in the marketing department of a large pharmaceutical company. Her next car will be a Benz again.


With hat.


Without hat.



Driving it. Her legs will get sweaty.


She is comfortable with the back as well. Her shoes match her nails and the seat.


She will fit in the middle too.


Ready for a rocky ride. She can keep her hat on.


Hat is huge. Spikes in silver. She kinky tiger.


Necklace in silver too.


Back up front. She looks a bit like not-knowing-what-to-do. What’s wrong..?


Ah. The Benz has an unspecified problem. She needs help. Now.

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A very tidy young lady. She has apparently a pair of shoes for the outside, and one dedicated for the inside of the car (driving shoes?).

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