Porsche Macan will hit the China car market in July

Porsche Macan will hit the China car market in July


The Porsche Macan will have its China-debut on the Beijing Auto Show in April and launch on the China car market in July. Pricing is set at 688.000 yuan for the S and 988.000 yuan for the Turbo ($113.000 – $163.000). The Porsche Macan will be powered by a 335hp 3.0 V6 (Macan S) or a 400hp 3.6 V6 turbo (Macan Turbo). Next year a 235hp 2.0 4-cylinder turbo will become available as well, which will bring price down to some 550.000 yuan.

The Porsche Macan is highly anticipated in China. The Porsche brand is very strong and SUV’s are very hot. The cheaper Macan will bring Porsche within reach of a giant audience with enough cash to spare for luxury car. Sales are expected to boom from the beginning and China is likely to become the biggest market worldwide for the Macan in 2015. Late last year rumors surfaced about local production of the Macan in China but this has been strongly denied by Porsche.

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