This is the JAC Heyue S30 for the Beijing Auto Show


This is the production version of the JAC Heyue S30 SUV, and we are pleasantly surprised by how funky it all looks. Shiny grille, three-tone paint, much more shiny stuff all over, sleek headlights, and a roof rack in the same color as the roof (!). The JAC Heyue S30 will debut on the Beijing Auto Show later this month.


Color if the roof is fascinating us. What is it? ivory white? white-chocolate white? A very daring choice indeed. Price for all this pretty will start around 70.000 yuan and end around 90.000 yuan. The Heyue S30 is based on the same platform as the JAC Heyue A30 sedan.

Power comes from a 1.5 liter petrol engine with an output of 102 hp, mated to a 5-speed manual or a DCT. Size: 4325/1765/1660, wheelbase is 2560 and curb weight is 1220kg.


The 1.5 seems slightly underpowered to propel so much cool.

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I’d pay to be the first person in line to gouge out the eyeballs of the person who decided to put in the fugly roof.


The paint scheme seems to match the car itself….both are unattractive. I think it’s JAC’s turn to hire an internationally recognized design chief, like so many others have.


that’s an exhibition car so it must be like these