2014 Guangzhou Auto Show: Landwind X7 unveiled in China

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The infamous Landwind X7 was unveiled on the 2014 Guangzhou Auto Show. The Landwind X7 is a Chinese clone of the Land Rover Evoque. Coincidentally, the China-produced Evoque debuted on the same show, and we bet the British were very interested in checking out just how flattered they should feel.

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The Landwind X7, formerly known as the Landwind E32, will be launched on the Chinese car market in March 2015. Price will start around 120.000 yuan or $19.600. The X7 is powered by a Mitsubishi-sourced 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine with 190hp and 250nm, mated to a six-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic. The X7 is based on a shortened variant of the platform that also underpins the Landwind X8.

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Landwind is a Chinese car maker jointly owned by Jiangling Motors and Changan Auto, coincidentally (0r not?) both joint venture partners of Ford, with Jiangling-Ford and Changan-Ford respectively. Ford owned Land Rover-Range Rover until 2008 when they sold it on to the TATA conglomerate of India.

Price for the imported Range Rover Evoque starts at 528.000 yuan and ends at 668.000 yuan ($86.300 – 109.200). Price for the China-made Range Rover Evoque will start around 400.000 yuan. Cheaper, but still quite a bit more expensive than the Landwind X7. Some Chinese car buyers might be tempted to give it a try.

One might wonder whether Range Rover might kick Landwind to court. Probably not. Changan Auto is a mighty player in China. They are owned by the China South Industries Group Corporation (CSGC), a giant state-owned industrial conglomerate and one of the largest weapon makers in country with close ties to the Chinese armed forces, and the army RULES. Sue that, Rover… Jiangling is a smaller player, but not unimportant. Still state owned and one of the main suppliers of vehicles for the Chinese police and paramilitary forces.


Dash partly Evoque clone (compare) and partly nicer. Screen is much bigger than the Evoque’s and seats look much more luxurious.


Infotainment system runs on Android. Can do radio, television, SMS, the internet, email, phone, and satnav.


Enough space for the legs, real ones or cloned. Door design a bit messy, but at least not copy. Carpets very thick but gray is the wrong color. Should be red, like:


Red. With roof rails. They look like this from the top.


Yellow with yellow wheels and a babe. No roof rails. Earlier on we heard roof rails would be standard on every X7, but that now appears to be untrue. A big disappointment.


Blue with blue wheels. No roof rails again.


The 2.0 turbo, completely covered.


The clone with the curves.


Not a Range Rover Evoque. This is the new Landwind X7 from China.

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  1. To be honest, I actually think that the Landwind is improved on so many levels. It is obviously “inspired” by the Evoque, but a close inspection looks as if not too many, if any, parts would actually be interchangeable. For the money, you would expect the Evoque to have to last at least four times as long to make financial sense, that is, if you kept the Landwind 5 years, you would need to keep the Evoque for 20. If you can afford the evoque, who have you been ripping off to get so rich. Shame. Some say the design of the Landwind is a rip off. Maybe, but are we any better? I couldn’t afford a Landwind anyway.

  2. The Landwind X7 has real looks and seems to be a better bargain than the Evoque. Its about time these European car makers stop ripping us off. I would go for the Landwind any day if i can afford it. Thanks China for bringing luxury closer to the people

  3. Do the Chinese have some sort of problem grasping why copying other people is wrong? Its cynical, unimaginative and dishonest not to mention illegal. Presumably someone at Landwind understands some of these criticisms.
    The fact that this copy is made by a large company with links to the military hardly makes it morally acceptable does it?

  4. All fun and games until you are in a smash in a car built to Chinese standards because it does not need to be engineered to meet any other countries safety ratings in accidents.. even if you could get your hands on one outside if China, would you really put your or your family’s life in it’s safety??


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