Porsche Panamera hits a Pond in China

Porsche Panamera hits a Pond in China

Happy New Year! We are kicking off 2015 with an interesting crash in the great city of Chaozhou in Guangdong Province where a Porsche Panamera 4S hit a pond. The accident happened in heavy rain on a square in front of a college building. The Porsche was parked at at the edge of the square, see black and white cars in the background, and when the owner tried to drive away he somehow lost control of the vehicle, causing it the end up semi-submerged.


The Porsche fits the pond perfectly, like it was made for it. License plate reads U·UB888. Eight is a lucky number in China, but not that day. Getting the Porsche out of the pond won’t be that expensive, but we bad said pond will need some repairs, and the Panamera sure needs a good clean-up, if not more. Price for the current Panamera 4S starts at a steep 1.39 million yuan or 224.000 USD.


The driver, contemplating. Porsche in pond, no umbrella, what a day…

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