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Changan Raeton CC concept debuts on the Shanghai Auto Show in China

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The Changan Raeton CC concept has been unveiled on the Shanghai Auto Show in China, showing off a daring grille and sleek looking headlights. The Changan Raeton CC concept previews a future four-door coupe based on the same platform as the 2013 Changan Raeton sedan.

An endless bonnet and suicide doors.


An all-digital dash that looks a tad too 1980 and four comfortable seats centered around a wide center tunnel. The Changan Raeton CC concept is ‘powered’ by an electric motor with a relatively modest 167hp and 335nm. Changan claims a 0-100 of only 4.1 seconds, which seems on the fast side for a vehicle this big and an engine that small. No matter, the production version, if it ever sees the light of day, will be powered by conventional four-cylinder petrol engines.


Clean side profile, beautifully sculpted around the C-pillar. Space under that bonnet must be big enough for a large-volume V12.


A short rear deck and funky lights.


Rear window fuzzily shaped with a bulb on each side. For more sunlight on the heads of the passengers, maybe?


The new Changan Raeton CC concept from China.

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  1. Honestly, it looked like what Honda/Acura would have come up but that is not necessarily bad. Can’t wait to see how it drives~


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