Tesla Model X Launched On The Chinese Car Market

Tesla Model X Launched On The Chinese Car Market

The Tesla Model X has been launched on the Chinese car market, with deliveries set to start later this month. There are three variants available: the Model X 90D, the Model X P90D, and the China-only Model X P90D Signature Red edition. The Model X 75D base model is not available in China, but might be added to the lineup later.

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4 thoughts on “Tesla Model X Launched On The Chinese Car Market”

  1. I’m a big fan of your website, but this ‘More on Forbes’ bollocks that you’ve recently started is a total turn-off.
    Whilst I appreciate the financial appeal your end, it’s making me go elsewhere … how does that help your numbers ..?

    1. Hello CM,

      I have started to write for Forbes to reach a new audience. The articles on Forbes are an addition to those on my website. It helps my numbers a lot as I get loads of traffic back from Forbes. Naturally, you are totally free to read or not to read the articles on Forbes.


  2. Well, obviously …

    The trouble is with the ‘articles’ here that end with the ‘More on Forbes invitation’ is that they are nothing more than glorified headlines, and if I want to read the actual content of what’s being teased, I have to migrate to Forbes.

    And it seems that almost every recent post is this way, with only a small percentage of stories completed here …

    1. Yes, if you want to read the article you have to go to Forbes, that is why the link is there. If you don’t want, you don’t need to go. And why is going to Forbes such a drama for you anyway? As I said before, the Forbes articles are additional. Almost every recent post? That is utter nonsense. Homepage today: 10 posts, with one linking to Forbes.

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