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The Singulato iS6 From China Is Aimed At The Tesla Model 3

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Singulato shipped their new iS6 electric crossover SUV to the Shanghai Auto Show, showing off its beautiful lights and dark blue body. Singulato is a brand under Zhiche Auto, a Chinese start-up based in Beijing. Small-batch production of the iS6 will start late this year and mass production in mid 2018. Price will range from 200.000 to 300.000 yuan ($30.000 – 43.000), pitching the iS6 straight up against the Tesla Model 3.

Singulato iS6

Driver’s can change the output of the screen in the grille. I hope it can do “Police Move Over”, in mirrored script.

Singulato iS6

The suicide doors are production ready.

Specs: range of 400 kilometers, And Singulato claims that a one hour charge on a fast-charger is enough for 320 kilometers. 0-100 takes four seconds. The battery pack consists of 18650 lithium ion batteries. No info yet on the motor.

Length: 4850, wheelbase is 2960. Singulato will offer a five-seat and a seven-seat version. Cars on the booth in Shanghai were both five-seaters. The is6 will be semi-autonomous with automatic parking. A fully autonomous version will be launched in 2020.

Singulato iS6

Design is nice overall but it seems a bit stretched out and the shoulder line seems a tad too low. Large rear overhang.

Another talking screen at the rear.

Singulato iS6

The rear looks a bit empty between the light unit and the bumper.

Singulato iS6

The underbelly is completely flat.

Singulato iS6

The interior looks great. The screen seems a tad too tall, blocking the driver’s sight. It also seems to block at least a part of the air vents. Steering wheel very classy. Digital instruments. Luxurious leather seats.

The main screen is 15.6 inch, the instrument panel is 12.3 inch, there is and a 16.3 inch head-up display (HUD), which we cannot see on this pic. That adds up to 44.2 inches of beautiful distraction!

Singulato iS6

Singulato iS6

Graphics look great.

Singulato iS6

Second row with 3 seats.

Will the iS6 keep trendy Chinese from buying a Tesla Model 3..?

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  1. Will the iS6 keep trendy Chinese from buying a Tesla Model 3?
    If it’s good looking then maybe. Unfortunately the proportion is terrible.

  2. Well… 400 km NEDC….? That is not good enough. Chevy Bolt, Europe: Opel Ampera-e has 520 km. Same measure method. So, it come late, and not strong enough for the market – in Europe. And in 2019 -20120, forget it.

    But it is much more practical than the Tesla 3, that isn’t a stationcar/SUV. But don’t forget the VW competion, etc.

    Btw., I hope the picture No. 3 is shrinked, because the front door looks really narrow!


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