One Minute Walk-around: The BYD-Daimler Denza EV

Reading Time: < 1 minute

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A good look at the Denza, an electric car made in China by the BYD-Daimler joint venture. It costs $47.000 and it is powered by an electric motor with 184hp. Top speed is 150 kilometers per hour. Range of the latest version is a very decent range of 352 kilometers.

Sales are improving thanks to the generous green-car subsidies. It is a large and rather good looking car, especially in this gold color with black windows. The Denza is loosely based on the previous generation Mercedes-Benz B-Class. Next up for Denza is en electric SUV, expected for launch in 2018.

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  1. I do like to see live streaming of Chinese cars, since I don’t live in China.

    But some basic rules;
    1) Get the whole car in the picture – move a little further away a few times.
    2) Don’t move the camera (phone) so quick around – I get seasick!
    3) Did you know that it is possible to audit your live film?

    Keep up the good idea! 🙂

    • Thanks for your comments!

      Why live streaming? Could work on an auto show I guess, but on the street? Also not easy because FB and YouTube are blocked here, and VPN is not always fast enough for live streaming without WiFi.

      1) Sure. but i am filming on the road and don’t want to die (but i will try (:)
      2) a minute is awfully short. Maybe I can do 2-minute walk-arounds in the future.
      3) yes. but i choose not too because of the noise on the streets here.

    • Steven M., what car do you have, huh? Do you have a BMW? Because people that posts crap like you, they’ve a Fiat Uno in their garages’. (At least in my country)

      • A story I heard;

        The Swedish police stopped an Audi Quattro because there were 5 persons in the car… but suddenly his colleague shouted, “forget about them – there is coming a Fiat Uno with four people in it!!!

  2. Haha Knut, don’t worry, yesterday I’ve seen a Fiat 133 (Argentinian version of the Seat 133, itself based on the Fiat 126) with 7 people inside (!!!).
    Because poor people of my country buy that kinda cars very destroyed at a very low price, and I’ve see them on the highway (they are very dangerous).


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