Nio Entering Europe: Sales of seven-seater ES8 starts in June

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Sum up of Nio Norway Conference: Sales of ES8 will start will June, first deliveries to customers in September. Four battery swap stations by September in Oslo, 20 thousand charging points operated by existing partners. Flagship sedan ET7 deliveries in 2022. Norway team has now 15 employees, which will raise to 50 by the end of the year. Some journalists wonder why Nio chose ES8 for their European launch.

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Bellow, you find the original article and complete text record of life strem.

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Nio is coming to Europe and the first stop in Norway. The press conference revealing details will be held on 6th May at 4 pm Chinese time (10 pm Norway time GMT+2). You can watch the live broadcast here. It will be in Chinese and English with subtitles.

It will start with a prerecorded video, following Q&A with founder William Li and other executives. Underneath this article, you can watch commented live stream.

Before the conference starts, here is all we know beforehand the conference.

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  1. The shortage of chips will affect the delivery in April.
  2. The gross profit margin will not increase significantly this year.
  3. Nio has no rivals in the high-end market.
  4. ET7 is expected to be delivered in the first quarter of 2022.
  5. Li said that the most impressive one at the Shanghai Auto Show was Wuling Baojun KiWi.
  6. NIO will use its brand only for high-end vehicles. If mass-market EV is launched, it won’t be under the Nio brand.

As reported by Tencent Auto based on Li interview following the release of Q1 financial reports.

From another April interview with Nio president, we also learned that Nio successfully finished EU NKAP safety tests, battery swap stations were already transported to Norway, and EU prices should remain the same as in the Chinese market, meaning similar to Mercedes EQS.

Interestingly, it seems Nio will rely on its BaaS model in Europe, even though many analytics warned this solution is not suitable for the EU market.

Live broadcast here

Carnewschina stream here:

10:51 am Nio Norway website is on

3:22 pm More details are leaking. Deliveries of SUV ES8 will start in September.

3:27 pm Nio ET7 will deliver in Norway at beginning of 2022.

3:31 pm After Norway, Nio plans expansion to five EU countries by 2022.

3:55 pm Nio plans to enter the German market in 2022

Start 4 pm (GMT+8)

4:02 pm Marius Hayler starts the presentation

4:04 pm Marius welcomes Nio’s CEO and founder William Li who gives a speech without promised subtitles.

4:06 pm Subtitles are on

4:11 pm Li sums up Nio’s products, including ES8, ET7, and Nio Life

4:15 pm Marius explains why he wants to launch another EV brand in Norway since 50% of new car sales are already EV

4:18 pm Nio Norway team has 15 people, will expand to 50 people by the end of year

4:21 pm Marius Holletzek, Nio’s brand manager from Munich, explains the purpose of Nio House.

4:23 pm Nio house in Oslo will open in September

4:25 pm Nio will open five Nio Spaces in Norway in Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim, Kristiansand. Nio Space is a small version of Nio House, imagine a small showroom.

4:26 pm 4 battery swap stations in Oslo by 2021

4:28 pm Nio will provide 20 000 charging points with cooperation partners. Nio Power Norway aims to be operational by September.

4:35 pm Every Norwegian is welcome to join Norway Advisory Board. The task of the board is to give feedback. Apply at

4:38 pm Marius and Li say goodbye, the presentation is over.

4:40 pm Nio Norway Roadmap.

Nio Norway Roadmap

End of lifestream.

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