Winter makes Chinese new EV owners complain

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China has entered the winter, and this winter is not only cold, but the hearts of Chinese new energy vehicle owners are also cold.

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Mr. Zhang from Jilin, China (a province in northeastern China), said that when a fuel car is driving in snowy weather, it is nothing more than controlling the speed and paying attention to safety.

New energy vehicles are not so lucky when they are driving in snowy weather. In winter, the temperature is low, and the cruising range of new energy vehicles will also be reduced. In the past, it used to run more than 200 kilometers with electric energy, and now it runs out of electricity after more than 100 kilometers.

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In addition, a fuel car consumes only a small amount of fuel when the heater is turned on. There are gas stations everywhere in the city, and the vehicle can replenish fuel at any time when the vehicle is out of fuel.

New energy vehicles will consume power when turning on the warm air. Many new energy vehicles have insufficient cruising range. After turning on the warm air, the power drops extremely quickly, and the full charge can still run less than 150 kilometers.

This problem is caused by the characteristics of the power battery of new energy vehicles.

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Because the temperature drops below 0 degrees, the activity of the power battery materials decreases, and the battery’s ability to store power will decrease.

In the face of low temperature weather, what new energy vehicle owners can do is the following:

1.Charge it in time, and charge it quickly when the battery is insufficient. Some new energy vehicles still had 80% of the electricity the night before, and the owners did not charge them in time. Unexpectedly, they had less than 60% of the electricity left after a sleep.

2.Control the time when charging, and cut off the power once the battery is fully charged. Do not leave the battery in a charging state for a long time;

3.The cruising range of new energy vehicles in winter is limited. Before traveling, it is best for car owners to use navigation to check the map and choose the nearest road to avoid traffic jams. Avoid the embarrassing situation of no electricity during driving;

4.Develop good driving habits. The driving experience of a new energy vehicle is different from that of a fuel car. The owner must be stable when stepping on the brakes, avoiding sudden braking and slamming the accelerator, which can also save power to a certain extent.


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