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Beijing opened 1,000 km of driverless test roads

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In 2021, Beijing built the world’s first high-level autonomous driving demonstration zone and officially opened the unmanned test scenario. So far, Beijing has a total of 1,000 kilometers of autonomous driving test roads, with over 3 million kilometers of testing and 56,400 5G base stations.

The testing of unmanned roads goes through three stages:

  1. passenger seat occupied
  2. rear seat occupied
  3. remote outside the vehicle

For the tests to be conducted orderly and safe, enterprises must focus on vehicle road cooperative development. Considering their coverage of ODD (Operational Design Domain) at present, they mainly select the road with abundant traffic scenes but relatively low traffic flow as a preferred test area in the demonstration zone.

Automated Driving Test Track

At the same time, the test time and test area are limited in each unmanned test phase. And some indicators, such as MPI (Message Passing Interface), system redundancy design, and minimum risk operation, play an essential role in measuring the technological level of enterprises. Besides, many related researchers stress the safety of network communication links and data transmission in the test, which requires enterprises to build up the network cooperation between remote assistance platform and test vehicle.

By setting up a professional technical and data analysis team, introducing relevant technical specifications and policies, researchers have effectively resolved many technical difficulties of autonomous driving. All these above accelerate the unmanned demonstration application and commercial operation, which is the inevitable development of autonomous driving.

Source: Zhihu

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