Geely Xingyue L Hi·X HEV Has A 3-Speed Gearbox And 245 HP

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This is the new Geely Xinyue L Hi-X SUV, a Chinese SUV with an advanced hybrid-electric (HEV) powertrain. It is Geely’s new flagship SUV, loaded with screens and luxury. The L Hi-X is based on the petrol-powered Xinyue L SUV, but it is positioned as a separate car in Geely’s ever expanding lineup.

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Geely went back to the drawing board to give the Hi-X a distinctive look, with a partially closed grille, a white lightened Geely logo, different bumpers and lights, unique colors, and unique alloy wheels. It is a good looking car but it goes without popular modern features such as pop-out door handles.

The hybrid electric (HEV) powertrain is very interesting. It combines a 1.5 turbo with two electric motors and a brand new 3-speed hearbox called ‘DHT Pro’, sending power to the front wheels only.

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At speeds below 20 km/h, the vehicle is driven on electric power only. Between 20 and 70, it drives in electric and gasoline power (parallel connection). So the gasoline motor and the electric motors both drive the wheels. At speeds above 70, the gearbox will select the gasoline engine as the main power source and the electric motors as secondary source (connected in series).

The petrol engine has an output of 150 hp and 225 Nm. System output is 245 hp and 540 Nm. Geely claims a vehicle thermal efficiency of 43.32% and a 40% fuel saving rate compared to a gasoline-powered car. Fuel consumption is 4.3 liters per 100 kilometers. Range is claimed to be 1300 kilometers and 0 to 100 takes 7.9 seconds.

There is a subtle spoiler above the rear window, a car wide light bar, and relatively small bumper section. The exhaust pipe is neatly hidden under the car.

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Characters: 星越, Xingyue. The white badge with 3 triangles refers to the 3-speed gearbox.

The interior looks great, with a 3-screen setup and lots of fine leather. The steering wheel is small with a flat bottom. Geely is especially proud of the noise level inside the cabin, which stands at only 5 dB(A) at 60 km/h. The operating system is Geely Galaxy OS, with over-the-air updates and Huawei HiCar.

The graphics are super sharp and the driver can check, at any time, how ‘green’ he rides. It almost looks like a video game.

The screen in the center is for infotainment and vehicle settings.

The third screen entertains the passenger. There is always live-internet so folks can watch the news. As elsewhere, all the news appears to be about the war in Ukraine.

Some basic functions can be accessed by buttons as well as by the touch screen.

A specious rear cabin with a large sunroof.

The window sticker refers to Geely sponsoring the upcoming Asian Games in Hangzhou.

Very busy under the bonnet; there is almost no space left.

The Geely Xingyue L appears to be an interesting new Chinese car, thanks to its innovative powertrain. Let’s see if it can match Geely’s bold claims in the real world.

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