Wuling Bingo will launch on March 29, price starts at 10,100 USD

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Wuling Bingo will officially launch on March 29 with an estimated price range of 70,000 – 100,000 RMB (10,100 – 14,500 USD) in China, according to the carmaker. Customers can choose from five models available in 203km and 333km CLTC cruising ranges. As Wuling’s new model in the small electric vehicle segment targeting the young and female consumer groups, Bingo is positioned above the Wuling Hongguang MINI EV.

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Wuling Bingo offers four body colors: black, white, green, and pink.

Overall, Wuling Bingo is cute, round, and retro with a size of 3950/1708/1580mm and a 2560mm wheelbase. From the side, the A, B, and C pillars are painted in black, creating a suspended roof effect. Additionally, chrome-plated decorative strips are present on the lower edge of the window and extend all the way to the C pillar.

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The interior adopts a triple-color design with black, white, and brown, further emphasizing the retro atmosphere. Leather materials, circular geometric design, and decorations such as high-gloss chrome plating and paint are present throughout the interior.

The dual 10.25-inch dual screens are supported by the LING OS Lingxi Operating System.

The rear seats can be folded down to achieve a trunk volume of 790L. Wuling also claims that there are as many as 15 small storage spaces within the car for items such as paper towels, keys, lighters, etc.

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Or this – grocery shopping with plenty of space!

The Wuling Bingo is powered by a front single motor, offering two electric motor power options of 30kW/110Nm and 50kW/150Nm as well as two lithium iron phosphate battery options of 17.3kWh and 31.9kWh. The CLTC pure electric cruising ranges are 333km and 203km, respectively. The top speed is 100km/h.

Lastly, Wuling Bingo supports three charging modes: DC charging (not available for 203km range models), AC charging, and household sockets. It only takes 35 minutes for DC fast charging from 30% to 80% and 9.5 hours for AC slow charding from 20% to 100% for 333km range models.

Source: Sohu, PCAuto

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  1. It is a very nice looking little City car and I think it would be quite popular if also sold in the West, but, I also think that if it is actually being planned to be sold in the West, then making it in a 3 door version as well, would be a very good idea for the Manufacturer, because such a vehicle would most likely be bought in the West by people who only want to use it as their daily commuter, and local shopping vehicle, which means that the rear passenger seats would only be very, infrequently, used, and so larger sized, front doors, for allowing easier entry and exit, for usually, larger body sized Western buyers, would be a distinct, selling point advantage, for the Manufacturer, when selling this small EV in those Western new vehicle buying markets.


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