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Wuling Bingo

New Wuling Bingo electric hatchback with 410 km range will launch on September 25

In August, 20,188 units of the Wuling Bingo were sold, making its cumulative sales exceeding 100,000 units.

Sales of Wuling Bingo exceeded 20,000 in July, and cumulative sales exceeded 80,000

Since Bingo was launched in March 2023, sales have been increasing month by month. Currently, the 203km version of the model is priced at 8,300 USD in China.

BYD Seagull sold 23,005 units in June, with a cumulative sales of 38,805 units in the past two months

After BYD Seagull was released in April, its production capacity continued to climb, and sales in June increased by 60% compared to May.

Wuling Bingo EV sold 19,188 units in June, up 6.1% more than in May.

Wuling Bingo has sold 61,272 units since its launch in more than three months, and it is currently Wuling's best-selling car.

GM’s rival to BYD Seagull scores in China. Wuling Bingo delivered 16,383 units in April

Wuling Bingo is a 59,800 yuan (8,600 USD) EV made by SGMW - a joint venture between GM, SAIC and Wuling.

BYD Seagull electric hatchback got 10,000 orders in 24 hours

After BYD released the Seagull, announced prices and opened bookings on April 18th, many consumers ordered this car.

Wuling Bingo launched in China for $8,700 to rival BYD Seagull

The Wuling Bingo has up to 333 km of CLTC range and 68 hp. It has appeared to be over 1,000-USD cheaper than we previously thought.

Wuling Bingo pre-orders start in China for only 14 USD

Customers can choose from five models available in 203km and 333km CLTC cruising ranges.

Wuling Bingo Official Interior Pics – With an Optional Inflatable Airbed

The Bingo gets a classy interior with brown leather seats and a digital assistant.