Wuling Bingo

Wuling Bingo EV launched in Thailand starting at 11,500 USD

The Wuling Bingo EV version launched in the Thai market has 333 km cruising range.

2024 Wuling Bingo small hatchback takes the fight to the BYD Seagull

2024 model year gets a higher top speed and various upgrades offering better value. Car is currently number two to BYD Seagull.

Wuling Bingo Plus a new car with plus size, plus range

Wuling Bingo Plus is not a new version of the Wuling Bingo but a new car with a larger size and greater range.

And a cuddly car: meet the Wuling Bingo Mickey Plush Style

Wuling Bingo Mickey Plush Style. Small Chinese EV becomes a cuddly car thanks to a furry wrap.

Wuling Bingo price sliced by 10% to accelerate sales in China

Wuling Bingo price dipped in China to enhance its sales volume domestically.

Wuling Bingo Plus electric small SUV official pic revealed in China

The Bingo Plus is an enlarged and upgraded version of the Bingo.

Wuling Bingo EV launched in Indonesia: blind ordering exceeded 3,000 units in one month

Wuling is currently the largest player in the Indonesian EV market, owning more than half of the local EV share.

New Wuling Bingo electric hatchback with 410 km range will launch on September 25

In August, 20,188 units of the Wuling Bingo were sold, making its cumulative sales exceeding 100,000 units.

Sales of Wuling Bingo exceeded 20,000 in July, and cumulative sales exceeded 80,000

Since Bingo was launched in March 2023, sales have been increasing month by month. Currently, the 203km version of the model is priced at 8,300 USD in China.

BYD Seagull sold 23,005 units in June, with a cumulative sales of 38,805 units in the past two months

After BYD Seagull was released in April, its production capacity continued to climb, and sales in June increased by 60% compared to May.