Zeekr launches 800V Golden Battery, can charge 500 km in 15 minutes and withstand 1000°C

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Zeekr launched the self-developed lithium iron phosphate (LFP) accumulator called Golden “Brick” Battery during the Zeekr Power Day. The company claims the battery is super safe, performing extreme testing such as keeping it at extreme cold (-45 °C) for 8 hours, throwing it into a 1000°C fire, and installing it back in the car, showing it still works.

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Zeekr claims Golden Brick is the world’s first mass-produced LFP battery with volume utilization over 80%. The mass production started today, and the Zeekr 007 sedan will be the first vehicle to have it. The 007 will launch on December 27.

Zeekr 007 will be the first car equipped with Golden Battery.

The battery has 83.7% volume utilization thanks to an optimized compact “sandwich structure”, ultra-thin separators, and an integrated tray design.

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For comparison, in June 2022, CATL unveiled its Qilin battery with NMC chemistry and CTP (cell-to-pack) technology. It had a record-breaking utilization of 72% and 255 Wh/kg energy density. Back in 2019, the volume utilization of CATL’s first module-less CTP battery was only 55%. Today, about 66% volume utilization is a standard for LFP batteries.

Golden Battery from Zeekr.

Golden Brick’s peak charging power is 500 kW, and the maximum charge rate is 4.5C. Between 10% and 80%, the battery can charge 500 km in 15 minutes. At -10 °C, the fast charging speed increases by 25%. It is also capable of 16C short burst discharge in 3 seconds.

The battery’s body is covered with 4000 V high voltage-resistant gold-colored insulation film, increasing resistance by 27%. The whole pack is also waterproof, reaching IPX level 8.

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Zeekr also released a video promoting battery safety. It shows various tests such as putting a battery for 48 hours underwater, casting it into a 1000°C fire, putting it into a -45°C freezer for 8 hours, and dragging it through the mud for 3 kilometers. After those 4 tests, Zeekr installed the battery back into the car and concluded that the battery still functioned properly.

However, it still wasn’t enough for Zeekr. They sent the 22-ton roller to drive over it and let the 710 kg battery fall 10 meters from the crane, showing no fire, smoke, or exploding.

Comparison of how much range various Chinese EVs with LFP battery charge in 15 minutes. 007 with Golden Battery first, followed by 2024 Xpeng G9 and Huawei’s Luxeed S7. Source: Zeekr

Zeekr’s charging network

During the Zeekr Power Day, the company also unveiled its ambitious charging network plans. Today, Zeekr operates 401 fast charging stations in China with 2,261 charging poles, each with more than 360 kW of power. In 2024, Zeekr expects to have 1000 charging stations, and by 2026, the company wants to have 10,000 charging poles, according to its “thousands of stations and tens of thousands of poles” plan.

Zeekr also unveiled a V3 800 kW fast charger. The company already produces a V2 600 kW liquid-cooled fast charger unveiled in September. V2 can add 300 km of range in 3 minutes. Both fast chargers are manufactured by Geely’s subsidiary VREMT and have a Zeekr badge.

The young EV maker also announced a 1515 plan. All Zeekr owners will be 15 minutes away from being able to charge in 15 minutes. Zeekr wants 90% of its owners under 1515 plan conditions in three years. Charging should be as convenient as going to the convenience shop, Zeekr claims.

On December 13, homologation fillings to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) revealed that Zeekr 007 will have a 100 kWh battery and 870 km CLTC range.

Zeekr’s two previous models – Zeekr 001 shooting brake and Zeekr- had both NMC batteries from CATL.

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