Nio Day 2023 live updates: ET9, 640 kW charger unveiled, PSS 4.0 in April

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Nio holds the annual Nio Day on December 23. Nio Day is a yearly event usually happening at the end of the year, where Nio introduces new products into its portfolio. This time, Nio is expected to unveil an ultra-luxurious sedan ET9, a new NT3 platform, and an in-house developed chip.

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19:20 William Lio, Nio’s CEO, comes on stage.

19:23 Li: “There is no youth without regrets”

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19:26 Li talks about the Nio charity projects and Clean Parks environmental activities

19:29 Nio opened 71 Power Journey Routes covering 56,000 km

19:32 Nio Power Charger 4.0 with ultra-fast charging capability. Peak power 640 kW

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19:33 Nio announced building 1000 power swap stations in 2023, and Li said that goal was fulfilled yesterday.

19:35 Li talks about battery swap stations: “Full charge takes only 3 minutes.”

19:36 Nio provided a total of 160,000 battery upgrades. (Editor’s comment: For example, a user has a 75 kWh battery and upgrades to 100 kWh for a weekend)

19:38 Power Swap Station 4.0 (PSS 4.0) unveiled

19:40 PPS 4.0 avaible from April 2024. Plan to build 1,000 PSS next year. This will bring the total amount of PSS in China to 3310 units. Nio also plans to build 20,000 public chargers and bring the total number to 40,000 units.

19:42 Nio ET9 on stage

  • ET9 is 5.3 meters long, over 2,016 mm wide, and 1,620 mm in height.
  • Leading in executive flagship segment
  • 23″ wheels
  • Jet-inspired active spoiler
  • Wide-angle side lidar enhancing side-facing sensing capabilities
  • 4-seater

19:50 Li Introduce Nio’s in-house developed AD chip NX9031.

It is Nio’s first 5nm AD chip and the “First automotive big LITTLE 32-core CPU, dedicated AD chip.”

20:02 Li: “NX9031 will strengthen our competitive edge in ADAS and automotive driving.

20:05 Nio’s SkyOS and NX9031 chip will go live on ET9

20:05 ET9 will run on 900V architecture

  • 925V HV architecture
  • 600 kW Peark charging power
  • 765 peak charging current

All values are highest in the world, Li says

20:18 ET9 will feature in-house developed 1,200 SiC module


  • 340 kW permanent magnet motor
  • 180 kW induction motor, 2.6 kW/kg, best in the world
  • in-house development of large cylindrical 46105 cell
    • 292 Wh/kg energy density, 5C charging (max C rate)
  • 120 kWh battery
  • ultra-fast charging 255 km in 5 minutes
  • the full battery in 3 minutes (laugh in the room – a reference to swapping)

20:15 Sky Ride, Nio intelligent chassis system introduced

  • Drive-by-wire Chassis
  • Full Active Suspension
  • Rear Wheel Steering

20:16 William explains drive-by-wire chassis system

8.3 degree maximum rear-wheel steering angle

Full active suspension is the first integrated hydraulic full active suspension.

20:20 Li: Porsche Panamera adopts non-integrated active suspensions. In comparison, Sky Drive Full Active Suspension is a generation more advanced. It is integrated with an active suspension actuator, resulting in a faster response.

20:23: Full Active Suspension supports regenerative braking with a peak regen power of 5 kW

20:24 Li introduces Independent wheel control

20:27 Super Sensing System Aquila 2.0 introduced

20:29 ET9 has 17 world-first technologies, 52 class-leading tech, and 525 applied patents

ET9 will start deliveries in Q1 2025

Preorders start now in Nio App for 800,000 yuan (112,800 USD)

20:35 William Li leaves the stage and makes space for singers. We will end our live stream here.

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