BYD overseas model sales summary in 2023: ATTO 3 best-selling

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BYD sold 242,759 vehicles outside China in 2023, according to data from BYD and Chinese Customs. In 2022, this data is only 55,656 vehicles, an increase of 336% in one year.

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In 2022, overseas car sales will account for 3.0% of BYD Group’s passenger car sales. However, in 2023, the proportion of automobile sales in overseas markets increased to 8.1%.

Regarding vehicle power types exported this year, there were 211,063 BEVs, accounting for 86.9%. There were 31,696 PHEVs, accounting for 13.1%.

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Let’s take a look at which models BYD sold overseas (sorted by overseas sales in 2023):

ATTO 3 (Yuan Plus)

ATTO 3 sold 100,020 units in 2023. ATTO 3 is BYD’s primary overseas model. It is called Yuan Plus in some areas. This model can be seen in almost all places where BYD cars are sold.


Dolphin sold 74,884 units in 2023. Dolphin has only been on sale in most markets in recent months. It has been quite successful in achieving such sales results and has recently surpassed ATTO 3 in sales in many places.

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Song Plus

Song Plus sales were 28,182 units. Unlike the above two Pure EVs, this model is available in EV and PHEV versions and is also called Seal U in some markets. This model is mainly sold in Latin America. For example, the Song Plus is very popular in Brazil.


Seal sold 23,606 units. Seal is also BYD’s primary overseas model, but it is only available in a few markets. In 2024, Seal will be launched in more markets.

Destroyer 05

The fifth place is Destroyer 05, with 4241 units sold. Many people are very unfamiliar with this model, which is a PHEV model. The main selling point of the Destroyer 05 is its affordability and ability to save fuel even when the battery is depleted.


Seagull sold 4,016 units, 3,500 of which were completed in December. Seagull will be named Dolphin mini in some regions. This model is unavailable in most areas and will become a cost-effective EV product priced under 20,000 USD.


Next is the BYD E6, which sold 2,504 units. Most of this model is used by taxis or online ride-hailing services, and it has supply contracts with many tax companies.

Han and Tang

The following two products are BYD’s early overseas products. BYD Han sold 2,462 units, and BYD Tang sold 1,910 units. They were launched in some areas early and significantly contributed to BYD’s overseas reputation.


In addition, four models, Yuan Pro, D1, E2, and Qin Plus, are also sold in some regions. But they sold less, with a total of only 934 units.

Source: Yiche

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