BYD sold 217 EVs in Japan in January, accounting for 20% of imported EV sales

In January, BYD's EVs sales surged in Japan, showcasing the growing demand for imported EVs and expanding market presence.

BYD launches three EVs and plans to build USD 1.3 billion EV factory in Indonesia

BYD's expansion in Indonesia includes launching three EV models and a significant investment in a new factory, aligning with Indonesia's incentives to attract major EV players and bolster the local industry.

BYD overseas model sales summary in 2023: ATTO 3 best-selling

BYD's overseas sales reached 243,000 vehicles in 2023, compared with only 56,000 vehicles in 2022.

BYD’s EV sales in Thailand reached a new high in September, accounting for 47% of the local EV market

As of the end of September, BYD had sold a total of 18,110 EVs in Thailand this year, accounting for 36% of the local share.

BYD Dolphin launched in Japan, starting at 24,500 USD

Considering the Japanese government’s EV subsidies, the BYD Dolphin’s price in Japan may be 2.98 million yen (20,100 USD).

BYD Dolphin will enter the Japanese market this month

As one of BYD's main export products, the export volume of BYD Dolphin exceeded 10,000 vehicles in July and August.

The sales of VW ID.3 in China increased by more than 3 times than last month after the price cut to 16,600 USD

After a 16% price cut, the monthly sales of the Volkswagen ID.3 in China broke the historical record for the model.

BYD Seagull sold 23,005 units in June, with a cumulative sales of 38,805 units in the past two months

After BYD Seagull was released in April, its production capacity continued to climb, and sales in June increased by 60% compared to May.

BYD Seagull sells 14,300 units in the first month after delivery

BYD Seagull was released at the end of April, and mass delivery began in May, with sales of 14,300 units. Its main competitor, the Wuling Bingo, sold 16,383 units in the first month (April) after its release.