Nio ignores the price war: Facelifted 2024 models open pre-orders with unchanged price

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In a significant update to its vehicle lineup, Nio has opened pre-orders for seven of its 2024 model cars.

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This move encompasses a range of models, including the ET5T, new ES8, and others, maintaining the same price point as their predecessors while promising enhanced performance and an improved driving experience. The vehicles are scheduled for delivery starting in early March.

The models set for this update include the 2024 Nio ES8, ES7, EC7, ES6, EC6, ET5, and ET5T. According to the release schedule, the ES8, EC7, ES6, EC6, and ET5T will be delivered in March 2024. The ET5 will follow in April 2024, and the ES7 in May 2024. Additionally, the ET7 is slated for an April 2024 release.

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A key feature of the 2024 models is integrating the new central computing platform, ADAM, equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 cockpit chip. It approximately doubles the CPU performance, triples the GPU performance, and eight times the AI computing power compared to the previous 8155 chip. Including four NVIDIA Orin X chips, boasting 48 CPU cores, 256 matrix operation units, 8096 floating-point operation units, and a staggering 68 billion transistors, it culminates in a computing power of up to 1016 TOPS.

Nio’s central computing platform, ADAM, exemplifies a strategic move towards efficiency and performance by consolidating functions across different domains. It significantly reduces the number of controllers required and allows for up to 256 TOPS of computing power to be distributed across smart driving, smart cabin, and vehicle control functionalities. By utilizing dedicated chipsets for the smart cockpit and autonomous driving tasks, Nio enhances these systems’ operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Moreover, the 2024 models will introduce the NOMI GPT function, which Nio claims to be the industry’s first large-scale, multi-modal sensing model deployed entirely on-device. NOMI GPT enables the identification of thousands of items through in-car cameras without an internet connection, ensuring ultra-fast response times and enhanced privacy, as private data does not leave the vehicle. This function transcends conventional question-and-answer and information retrieval capabilities, allowing users to interact with NOMI through natural language, describing their needs and preferences.

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In addition to these upgrades, the 2024 model also has upgrades in vehicle configuration, including:

  • The 2024 ES8 has four new standard soft pillows and is available in the “Moonlight Silver” color option. The “Multifunctional Executive Desk,” customized and developed specifically for the ES8, will be launched in the car mall in March. Users who have already taken delivery of the car can support it. Optional;
  • The 2024 ES7 adds standard rear seat massage function and 4 soft pillows, adopts a new steering wheel lever, and the enhanced head-up display system (HUD) size is upgraded to 16 inches, with new “Moonlight Silver” and “22-inch Forged High-gloss rims” and “N-Box enhanced entertainment host” options;
  • The 2024 EC7 now comes standard with 4 soft pillows;
  • The 2024 ES6 and EC6 have been optimized through software to increase the CLTC cruising range of the standard 75 kWh battery pack and 20-inch rim models to 500 kilometers and 505 kilometers, respectively;
  • The 2024 ET5 has a new optional “N-Box enhanced entertainment host.

As Nio rolls out its 2024 models, it has also announced that the existing 2023 models will continue to be available with purchase discounts, inviting prospective buyers to consult Nio officials for detailed information on these offers.

The 2024 prices of Nio lineup (unchanged from 2023)

  1. ES8
    • 2024 ES8 Signature Edition
      • Price: 598,000 yuan (83,122 USD)
    • 2024 ES8 Executive Edition
      • Price: 518,000 yuan (71,982 USD)
    • 2024 ES8
      • Price: 498,000 yuan (69,222 USD)
  2. ES7
    • 2024 ES7 Signature Edition
      • Price: 518,000 yuan (71,982 USD)
    • 2024 ES7
      • Price: 438,000 yuan (60,882 USD)
  3. EC7
    • 2024 EC7 Signature Edition
      • Price: 548,000 yuan (76,172 USD)
    • 2024 EC7
      • Price: 458,000 yuan (63,722 USD)
  4. EC6
    • 2024 EC6
      • Price: 358,000 yuan (49,682 USD)
  5. ES6
    • 2024 ES6
      • Price: 338,000 yuan (46,882 USD)
  6. ET5
    • 2024 ET5
      • Price: 298,000 yuan (41,522 USD)
  7. ET5T
    • 2024 ET5T
      • Price: 298,000 yuan (41,522 USD)

Source: iTHome

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