Neta S EV wagon exposed in China

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Thanks to the kind folks at a government ministry we now have uncamouflaged pictures of the Neta S wagon plus the all-important specs. The Neta S is a wagon which will come in both all electric and range extended versions and ride on Neta’s new Shanhai Platform 2.0.

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With the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) publishing declaration listings for the Neta S wagon today we now know that the car is indeed close to production and release. A debut at the Beijing Auto Show next week is almost certain with sales likely commencing around the middle of this year.

Although there are four separate filings for the Neta S in the MIIT information all versions have exactly the same dimensions with length of 4980 mm and a wheelbase of 2980 mm. Width and height are 1980 and 1480 mm respectively giving the car quite a sporty stance. The listings consist of two each for the range extended (EREV) and full EV versions.

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EREV versions are 1960 and 1970 kg. Strangely the 1.5 liter engine used in the Neta S wagon is less powerful than in the range extended versions of the Neta S sedan dropping from 85 kW down to 70 kW. According to previously reported information it is a new 1.5 liter Atkinson cycle engine matched to a flat-wire generator. Reportedly the conversion rate will be 3.26 kWh/l. The electric motor though is more powerful than in the Neta S sedan with 200 kW of power supplying the rear axle.

Pure electric versions weigh in at 1960 and 2160 kg with the higher figure for the dual motor version. Both use the same 200 kW electric motor as in the EREV version with the dual motor model adding a 170 kW motor to the front axle. This differs from the 250 kW silicon carbide all-in-one motor that was previously reported to be used in the car.

Battery capacities are not yet known but lower spec versions of both the EREV and EV get lithium iron phosphate batteries while higher spec versions of both have NCM chemistry batteries.

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Cars gain five spoke wheels with choices of 19 and 20-inch wheels. Brake calipers come in a choice of gray, green or red. Higher spec versions gain a roof-mounted Lidar unit.

Source: MIIT

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    • I haven’t seen anything about who designed it and I’m not really sure what Neta has in the way of a design department. So it is possibly and it does have that sort of look.


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