GAC debuts global 2nd Gen Aion V at Beijing Show

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The second generation GAC Aion V debuted at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show and should launch sales in July 2024. It has been designed as a global model and marks the brands ambition to expand overseas.

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The new car comes in quite a bit larger than the first generation Aion V which launched back in 2020 and it now measures in at 4605 mm long with a wheelbase of 2775 mm. It rides on the new self-developed AEP pure electric digital platform. GAC are making a lot of noise about how they have maximized interior space claiming the utilization rate is up by 20% and that rear space exceed that of a BMW X5.

Partly this has been achieved through the use of an industry first fully liquid-cooled all-in-one deeply integrated electric drive which helps optimize the layout of the front cabin. Efficiency of the drive is claimed to be a world leading 90.5% with the highest drive speed in its class of 20,000 rpm.

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Inspiration for the design came from the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the dinosaur featured in teaser posters for the car put out just before the show. Also on the stand was a mechanical T-rex. Supposedly the design language of the new Aion V embodies strength, technology and emotion.

Inside, the front seats can be flattened at the touch of a button forming a 2 meter bed. Also inside is a small refrigerator and a nine-speaker sound system. It has a self-evolving AI cockpit using the ADiGO Sense AI model. This meets the needs of each occupant and evolves through interaction with them. It also incorporates iFlytek’s in-vehicle education system. The Aion V has V2L function meaning that it can be used to power things.

GAC claim the second generation Aion V integrates 23 breakthrough technologies and has 8 core user values. These include elements such as the Aion V having a 750 km (CLTC) range and being ready for extreme temperatures. It has a stable operating temperature in external conditions of between -30°C to 55°C, along with achieving a 50% reduction in air conditioning energy consumption.

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Interestingly the platform is 400V but applies silicon carbide to it for the first time. Using new technology it has shortened charging times by 60% meaning it can take on the equivalent of 370 km range in 15 minutes. Aion claims users can find chargers in its network within 5 km in urban areas and 10 km on main roads in China. GAC say also that it is possible to drive the second generation Aion V from China into Southeast Asia without having a charging problem.

Introduced on the second generation GAC Aion V is ADiGO Pilot an intelligent driving system powered by an Orin X chip and using a Lidar unit, 5 millimeter wavelength radars and 11 cameras. Without the need for high-precision mapping it can provide driving assistance (NDA) in urban areas as well as on highways.

Last year the Aion brand sold 484,000 cars making GAC one of the few SOE to have much in the way of its own brand NEV sales. Furthermore the brand in 2023 launched in some Southeast Asian markets and Hong Kong. The company intends to push further in these markets with a Thai factory due to commence operating in June and one under construction in Indonesia. GAC will also push the Aion brand into other markets and the Aion V being designed as a global car will be one of the key models.

The Aion V was previously known by the AY5 codename and it is believed there is also an AY5-T variant which will be sold as a Toyota, most likely only in China.

Sources: Auto iFeng, Automotive Business Review, China Development Network

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