BYD Song Plus (Seal U) to get DM-i 5.0 treatment with new PHEV powertrain

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It looks like the next car to get BYD’s fifth generation PHEV system will be the Song Plus DM-i after the launch of the all new Qin L and Seal 06 cars last week. Unlike those the Song Plus is not a new car but will gain the upgraded powertrain. The Song Plus is known as the Seal U in Europe and as BYD Sealion 06 in Australia.

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BYD’s DM-i 5.0 technology is centered around a 1.5 liter engine with 74 kW of power and 126 Nm of torque. For the new Song Plus DM-i electric power comes from the EHS160 motor which gives power of up to 160 kW. Compared to the current Song Plus DM-i engine power is down from 81 kW and 135 Nm torque but power for the electric motor power is up from 145 kW.

All the more important is what impact does that have on range and fuel consumption. The existing Song Plus DM-i has three different battery capacities: 12.9, 18.3 and 26.6 kWh. Luckily the two larger ones are carried over directly to the new version which give 91 and 128 km all-electric range respectively. When we compare this to the existing 85 and 116  km WLTC ranges we can see there is a definite improvement. Fuel consumption is also better than before at 4.95 and 4.98 l/100 km respectively for the two different battery capacities which compares favorably to the existing 5.3 and 5.4 l/100 km (WLTC).

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Dimensions for the Song Plus DM-i remain unchanged as other than powertrain it is the same car. This means 4775, 1890, and 1670 mm (l/w/h) along with a wheelbase of 2765 mm.

Thanks to the MIIT listing information which is necessary for the car to be sold we do know there will be a slight visual change with the Build Your Dreams badge being replaced by the letters BYD on the back. The car also has a BYD badge at the from rather than a Song logo. Equipment is known to include a panoramic sunroof and roof rack and the car has 19-inch wheels.

The Song Plus DM-i is a good seller for BYD with sales exceeding 131,000 over the last six months. Fast Technology report that the car might be renamed Sea Lion 05 in the future. Sales of the new Song Plus DM-i will likely begin very soon.

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Editor’s note:

This car is evidence that we can expect the fifth generation PHEV powertrain system to work its way reasonably rapidly across the BYD range.

I don’t think Fast Technology is correct about a rename, more likely would be another car based on it but restyled and named Sea Lion 05 much in the same way that the Sea Lion 07 itself is a restyled Song L.

Source: Fast Technology, Dongchedi

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  1. The car is already the Sealion 6 in Australia and New Zealand. Be strange to also have it as the Sea Lion 05.

  2. Odd – i thought this vehicle was due for replacement by an all-new model, based on DM-i 5.0, to be previewed in August this year – at least, an article on this website for earlier this year suggested that.

    • see “Second-gen BYD Song Plus leaked in China before the launch” on this site for reference:
      Denis Bobylev
      March 18, 2024

      I expect 5th gen DMi platform to be under a new car.

      BYD may keep making the existing model as a low cost option. Potentially for developing/export markets. Kind of like how Nissan made a new Sentra/Sylphy, but kept making the B13 Sentra as the Tsuru in Mexico. That helped Nissan become the best selling brand in Mexico for a while. I have a feeling that the modifications would be too great to adapt the existing model to 5th gen DMi.

    • That may be a second generation Dynasty series Song Plus, which will retain the Song Plus name after the rename of the Ocean Series Song Plus pictured at the top of the post.

      It is possible that Dynasty Series Song Plus is the one getting DM-i, as there being a Song Plus in each series is quite concerning.


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