Geely-baked LEVC L380 MPV enters China in June as Li Mega rival

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The LEVC L380 minivan from Geely Group will enter the Chinese market later this month with a starting price tag of 400,000 yuan (55,200). This 5.3-meter MV with up to 8 seats inside will offer various interior layouts and powertrain options. It’s often called the main rival of the Li Mega. LEVC has already opened pre-sales for the L380 with a refundable deposit of 2,000 yuan (280 USD). It will become available in the UK in the next two years.

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Our regular readers know that LEVC is a successor to the well-known British London Taxi Company, founded in 1919. The cab maker was acquired by Geely in 2013, and its manufacturing plant was relocated to China. Nowadays, LEVC sells a single car called TX. However, it has already started the mass production of the L380 minivan, dedicated to both private and fleet projects.

LEVC L380 enters the market this month

The LEVC L380 minivan was opened for pre-orders on May 21. Customers can book this car for a refundable deposit of 2,000 yuan (280 USD). This move indicates that the L380 is in its final stages before sales start. Today, various Chinese media have reported that the LEVC L380 entered the market in late June. It will begin deliveries to clients at the same time.

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Interestingly, LEVC positions the L380 not only as a luxurious taxi or a cargo car for fleet projects. It also aims at private customers since big electric-powered minivans became a growing trend in China after the huge success of the Denza D9 (see specs). Lots of manufacturers launched their products to get their slices of pie. Minivans are considered cool cars in China. They often act as criminal bosses’ daily drivers in movies.

This is why the L380 also aims at private customers. LEVC has already opened lots of showrooms across China. At the same time, it has started promoting its social media accounts.

Chinese outlets report that the LEVC L380 won’t be a cheap vehicle. Its starting price for private customers will be around 400,000 yuan (55,200 USD). For clarity, we’ve listed the price range of potential LEVC L380 rivals:

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  • GAC Trumpchi E9: 319,800 – 409,800 yuan (44,150 – 56,550 USD)
  • Hongqi HQ9 PHEV: 358,800 – 538,800 yuan (49,550 – 74,100 USD)
  • Hycan V09: 318,800 – 438,800 yuan (44,100 – 60,600 USD)
  • Zeekr 009: 500,000 – 789,000 yuan (69,150 – 109,000 USD)
  • Li Mega: 529,800 yuan (73,150 USD)
  • Voyah Dream (Dreamer): 339,900 – 639,900 yuan (46,900 – 88,350 USD)
  • Maxus Mifa 9: 269,900 – 449,900 yuan (37,250 – 62,100 USD)
  • Denza D9: 339,800 – 660,000 yuan (46,900 – 91,100 USD)
  • XPeng X9: 359,800 – 419,800 yuan (49,650 – 57,950 USD)

As we can see, the LEVC L380 has lots of strong rivals. However, lots of netizens often compare the Geely-baked MPV with the Li Mega launched in March 2024. This comparison is mainly caused by the exterior styling of the L380. From some angles, it looks like the Li Mega’s sibling.

More on LEVC L380

The LEVC L380 is a huge multi-purpose vehicle with up to 8 seats and a 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 layout inside. Its second and third rows of seats have independent captain chairs. The LEVC L380 stands on the SOA platform derived from SEA architecture. It boasts hefty dimensions of 5316/1998/1940 mm with a wheelbase of 3185 mm. The LEVC L380 also has three powertrain options:

  • 200-kW electric motor, 170 km/h top speed, 100 kWh ternary NMC battery, 570 km range
  • 200-kW electric motor, 170 km/h top speed, 116 kWh ternary NMC battery, 675 km range
  • 400-kW two electric motors, 180 km/h top speed, 140 kWh NMC battery, 785 km range

Previously, the L380 completed safety crash tests organized in Geely’s internal lab. According to brand’s officials, it has passed 52 inspection items. During the side collision, the L380 can handle 70-ton impact. The collision strength per unit area is 1670 kN/m3. After collisions, the L380’s doors could be opened normally, the high-voltage battery pack electrolyte leakage was less than 5L within 30 minutes. No signs of smoke and fire were founded. However, we are still waiting for independent crash tests.

According to the LEVC official social media account, the L380 will enter the UK market in 2 years.

Source: Gandongpai, LEVC, LEVC Inner Mongolia

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